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“As your judge in Branch 2, I will continue to follow the letter of the law and will not legislate from the bench.”

-Judge Torry

“When I announced my retirement from Circuit Court Branch 2, I encouraged high quality, ethical, and skilled attorneys to seek the position. I have known Natasha Torry for years, and I am proud to say she exceeds all these qualities. She will apply the law as written. I strongly endorse her as the next Branch 2 judge.”

-Judge Kent Hoffmann, Sheboygan County Circuit Court-Branch 2
Judge Natasha Torry (Branch 2 candidate) endorsed by Judge Kent Hoffmann (present Branch 2 Judge)

About Judge Torry

Judge Natasha Torry has served as the Sheboygan Area Municipal Court Judge since 2015 when she was elected to serve the City of Sheboygan and Village of Kohler. As Judge for the Sheboygan Area Municipal Court, Judge Torry has thoughtfully and respectfully presided over a community-based alternative to the criminal justice system for the people of the City of Sheboygan and the Village of Kohler. The court handles 6,000-7,000 cases a year.

The Honorable Natasha Torry was inducted as a 2021 Fellow of the Wisconsin Law Foundation, a distinction shared by only 2.5% of attorneys in Wisconsin. In 2021, she was awarded the Women of Influence Award – New North Region, Insight on Business – Business Owner category.

Judge Torry would be honored to serve as Sheboygan County Circuit Court Judge – Branch 2.

Our Campaign in Action

Judge Torry has been extremely busy with her campaign — This photo compilation takes you on her journey, speaking at events, attending fundraisers, and meeting with voters all around Sheboygan County.


“Natasha Torry is an intelligent, articulate, no-nonsense individual with a demonstrated passion for equal justice and a commitment to the rule of law. I’m pleased to support her for Sheboygan County Circuit Court Judge, Branch 2.”

-Crystal Fieber, Sheboygan County Corporation Counsel; Managing Partner Hopp Neumann Humke

Legal Professionals

Hon. Kent Hoffmann, Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Rebecca Persick, Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Angela Sutkiewicz, Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Kristy Yang, Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Carolina Stark, Circuity Court Judge

Hon. Jerilyn Dietz, Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Kristela Cervera, Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Milton Childs, Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Brittany Grayson, Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Nia Enemouh-Trammel, Circuit Court Judge

Hon. John Hyland, Circuit Court Judge

“Judge Torry will be a terrific addition to the circuit court bench. Sheboygan County voters should elect Judge Torry.”

-John Hyland, Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Nidhi Kashyap, Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Ashley Morse, Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Wally Endsley, Municipal Court Judge

Hon. Valerie Hill, Municipal Court Judge

Hon. Susan Schleisner, Municipal Court Judge

Atty. Crystal Fieber, Sheboygan County Corporation Counsel; Managing Partner Hopp Neumann Humke

Atty. Liz Majerus, Sheboygan

Atty. Mary Wagner, Retired Sheboygan County District Attorney

Atty. Alexandra Smathers, Kenosha County District Attorney, Former Sheboygan County District Attorney

Atty. Christine Esser, Habush Habush & Rottier

Atty. John Hawley, Hawley, Kaufman & Kautzer

Atty. Thomas Heinrich, Thomas W. Heinrich Law Offices

Atty. Casey Hoff, Casey Hoff Attorney at Law

Atty. Stephanie Malis, Darrow Law Office

Atty. Susan McIntosh, McIntosh Law & Mediation

Atty. Sam Melei, Melei Petsche Spencer

Atty. William Moir, Hopp Neumann Humke

Atty. Carl Buesing, Hopp Neumann Humke

I am so pleased that Natasha is running for Circuit Judge. I concur with Judge Hoffmann. Litigants who will appear in her court can be confident that their cases will be handled with integrity, intelligence, skill, and compassion.

-Carl Buesing, Hopp Neumann Humke

Atty. Andrew Morgan, Charlton & Morgan

Atty. Kirk Obear, Birdsall Obear & Associates

Atty. Sarvan Singh, Melowski & Singh

Community Leaders

Adam Payne, Wisconsin DNR Secretary, Former Sheboygan County Administrator

Seth Harvatine, Sheboygan Area School District Superintendent of Schools

Kevin Formolo, Sheboygan South High Principal

Ryan Burg, Sheboygan Area School District Board Member

Deidre Martinez, Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director

Kathleen Donovan, Sheboygan County Board Supervisor

Christian Ellis, Sheboygan County Board Supervisor

Marilyn Montemayor, Sheboygan County Board Supervisor

Carl Nonhof, Sheboygan County Board Supervisor

IBEW Local 494


Eric Duncan, Register in Probate

Pam Crenicky, Deputy Register in Probate

Ellen Schleicher, Sheboygan County Register of Deeds

Paul Bartelt, Vollrath Company CEO

Heather Cleveland, Green Bicycle Company CEO

Kate Krause, Paradigm Owner

Matt Quasius, Quasius Construction President

Damon Wenig, Wenig Funeral Home General Manager

Christina Singh, Boys & Girls Club of Sheboygan County CEO

Denise Wittstock, Big Brothers Big Sisters WI Shoreline CEO

Roy Pirrung, American Ultramarathon Hall of Fame Inductee (2016)


Chief Christopher Domagalski, Sheboygan Police Department

Sheriff Cory Roeseler, Sheboygan County

Chief William Rutten, Retired Kohler Police Department

Chief Eric Montellano, Sheboygan Fire Department

Sheriff Michael Helmke, Retired Sheboygan County

Deputy Chief Christopher Ringel, Plymouth Police Department

Cpt. Steve Cobb, Sheboygan Police Department

Cpt. Dave Derus, Retired Sheboygan Police Department

Cpt. Bob Wallace, Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department Deputy, Retired Sheboygan Police Department

Cpt. Joel Kuszynski, Sheboygan Police Department

Deputy Brad Riddiough, Cedar Grove-Belgium/Oostburg School Resource Officer

Lt. Det. David Schafhauser, Retired Sheboygan Police Department

Sgt. Andrew Kundinger, Sheboygan Police Department

Sgt. Spencer Wilson, Sheboygan Police Department

Det. Tamara Remington, Retired Sheboygan Police Department

Det. Rebecca Rupnick, Sheboygan Police Department

Officer Isiah Calhoun, Sheboygan Police Department

Officer Alicia Kegler, Sheboygan Police Department

Deputy Diana Allen, Retired Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department

Deputy Seth Fuller, Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department

Deputy Rachel Ryan, Retired Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department


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Yard Signs

Yard signs are located throughout the county to demonstrate support for Judge Natasha Torry. Just because our campaign committee ran out of signs doesn’t mean you can’t help us get the word out that her opponent announced he is returning from retirement of his campaign to run again (Sorry I have had to update this section a couple of times now just to keep up). Please help us make sure that Sheboygan elects Judge Torry on Tuesday, April 4th, by liking and sharing posts on our Facebook page. She’d love to pose in a photo with you if you catch her at one of the many events she’s partaking in across the county.


One of the simplest ways to volunteer is to share and like our social media posts and proudly wear your Elect Judge Torry buttons when you’re out and about. I are also looking for canvassers to knock on doors on behalf of Judge Natasha Torry to get voter support and to make sure everyone votes on Tuesday, April 4th. If you would like to canvas, please click the Volunteer button below, email the Committee to Elect Judge Natasha Torry at ElectJudgeNatasha@gmail.com, or contact us by phone or text at (920) 395-3594.

How Do I Stay Connected and Up to Date?

Visit our Facebook page or Instagram profile to keep up with, like, and share our latest events and activities:

@Elect Judge Natasha Torry

You can also connect with Judge Torry on LinkedIn and at various events throughout Sheboygan County:


If you are interested in contacting the Committee to Elect Judge Natasha Torry, please send an email to electjudgenatasha@gmail.com or call or text (920) 395-3594.